VTYeast S-7001

yeast Animal Nutrition & Health

VTYest S-7001 is a combination product that uses active yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and enzymes blend for ruminant. It slows down ruminal starch digestion, stabilizes rumen pH, and improves fiber digestion, leading to greater productivity.

  • Maintain homeostasis in rumen.
  • Help the hydrolysis of fiber in rumen;
  • Decrease somatic cell counts (SCCs) in milk.
  • Improve digestion of starch and protein in abomasum and intestine.
  • Increase milk and meat yield.
  • Improve rumen health by active yeast.
  • Improve fiber digestibility by compound enzymes.
  • Good synergistic effects between yeast and enzymes.
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