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About VTR Biotech

VTR Biotech is an innovative company that focuses on the field of biotechnology and discovers the potential of enzyme applications to transform lives.

We are a warm-hearted company with a passionate, open-minded, and inclusive work environment. We are creating a space where everyone feels valued, respected, and embraced.

At VTR Biotech, we’re focused on making a positive impact on scientific progress, societal well-being, and the sustainable evolution of industries worldwide. We are committed to applied research and innovation in biotechnology, aiming to develop exceptional products and solutions to meet market demands and address global development challenges.

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We are committed to spearheading progress in development through pioneering biotechnology. At VTR Biotech, you will work with a world-class research team and gain access to cutting-edge scientific equipment. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we have opportunities that align with your skills, interests, and aspirations.

Feed Enzymes Sales Manager


Animal Nutrition Technical Specialist

Zhuhai, China

Global Industrial Enzymes Technician

Zhuhai, China

General Manager


Feed Enzymes Sales Manager


Industrial Enzymes Sales Manager


Connect Locally, Impact Globally

VTR Biotech is a pioneering enzymes manufacturing multinational company in Asia with over 32 years of experience in animal nutrition and health. We operat across various global locations, our widespread presence empowers us to connect communities and create a meaningful impact on a global scale.

VTR Biotech is devoted to minimizing environmental impact and contributing positively to the communities where we operate. We value teamwork, accountability, and a passion for making a difference. Join us in a workplace where your ideas are valued, and professional growth is nurtured. Together, we are building a future where innovation, integrity, and inclusivity drive success.

Why work at VTR Biotech

We're more than just a workplace, we're a community driven by shared values and a common vision.

Innovative Culture

Be part of a culture that thrives on innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. We foster an environment that embodies openness, inclusivity, and respect, nurturing innovative ideas and encouraging free expression. Every individual is valued and respected here. Your ideas hold the potential to shape the future.

Impactful Work

Contribute to projects that make a tangible difference in people's lives. Your work directly impacts the health, wellness, and sustainability of our planet.

Professional Growth

Your professional growth matters to us. We offer opportunities for learning, skill development, and career advancement. Through mentorship programs, continuous training initiatives, and access to cutting-edge resources, we empower our employees to take charge of their career paths.

Collaborative Team

Collaboration is at the heart of our business. We value teamwork, open communication, and diverse perspectives. Here, you'll get the opportunity to work alongside passionate and talented individuals who inspire and mutually support one another in tackling market challenges.

Diverse Talent Fueling Breakthroughs

Become part of a diverse and talented team of scientists, researchers, and experts from various backgrounds. Your unique perspective and expertise will contribute to our collective success in tackling some of the most challenging issues in biotech.

Comprehensive Benefits & Work-Life Balance

Your career growth, physical health, and fulfillment matter to us. We provide comprehensive benefits package and a flexible work environment. From competitive compensation and healthcare benefits to flexible work hours, remote work options, and opportunities for a healthy work-life balance, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our employees.

Join Our Global Team

VTR Biotech is the ideal choice if you're passionate about biotechnology and seeking a dynamic, innovative environment for professional development and career progression. Join us as we work together to push the boundaries of what's possible in biotech.

To apply for any of our available positions, please send your application materials, including your resume, cover letter, and any additional required documents, to our dedicated HR team at [email protected]

We look forward to reviewing your application and exploring the possibility of you becoming a valued member of our innovative and dynamic team.

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