Yiduozyme X-5002

COMPOUND AMYLASE Animal Nutrition & Health

YIDUOZYME X-5002, a specific and efficient concentrated compound amylase product which designed by VTR Biotech. Through microbial fermentation, bionic digestion in vitro and accordingto animal digestioncharacteristics and starch structural characteristics of feed sources, the developedcompound amylaseshows high pertinence and practicality to digest the feed starch.

  • The signle amylase was picked according to animal physiological characteristics.
  • The amylase optimum pH value close to the corresponding intestine digesta pH.
  • Higher enzymatic hrdrolysis efficiency to starch.
  • Excellent stability, including heat stability, storage stability and the tolerate stability to gasteric hydrochloric acid, pepsin, trypsin and metal
  • High enzyme activity under the animal body temperature.
  • High diversity of enzyme species.
  • The ccatalytic reactions cooperate with different enzymes.
  • Complementary in optimal conditions, stress r
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