Our Company

Our dedicated R&D team collaborates with academic institutions worldwide to develop bio-solutions in various industries.

Our Market

Our dedicated R&D team collaborates with academic institutions worldwide to develop bio-solutions in various industries. We currently have a enterprise technology center recognized by the nation, an academician workstation, a postdoctoral research workstation and five provincial research and development engineering centers.

We developed core technologies in the field of bioengineering, including genetic engineering, biosynthesis, biological fermentation, compound enzyme synergy and plant extraction technology, which has laid a solid foundation for company’s sustainable development of scientific strategy.


We have rapidly expanded our business scale and continuously enhanced the brand reputation through decades of development. Now, we hold 17 subsidiaries and more than 1200 employees worldwide. There are 4 modern production bases within China and have received ISO-9001 certification for environmental management and quality assurance.

We have established a perfect marketing network in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide to provide reliable services and meet clients’ needs. In the future, we will continue to take customer value as the guide to better connect with market needs and actively improve humanity’s quality of life.


Our mission is to be committed to the research and application of biotechnology, meet customer needs with excellent products and services, and continuously improve the quality of human life.

With the knowledge and experience in the fields of enzyme preparation, bioactive natural product and animal health, we will continuously strengthen our expertise by focusing on providing practical bioscience solution in order to maintain our edge in the marketplace. Nowadays, we are a leading enzyme preparation enterprise, and the largest enzyme preparation manufacturing enterprises in Asia.

I believed that people are the most important

asset of a biotech company. I promote diversity,

equity and inclusion in the workplace. I invest

in people and give them the opportunity to

expand their full potential.
Shaomei Chen chief executive officer
What we do

We are up for any challenge of our customers and to deliver a flexible and efficient solution. Together, we aim to create a better future for all.


We adhere to the concept of innovation and a direct selling model, which allowed us to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. We are continuously exploring more possibilities of biotechnology, so to deliver ideal solutions for each customer.


We hold conferences each year to provide the opportunity for customers and alliances to update with business trends and comprehensive technical support. We advocate green, safe, and efficient enzyme solutions that help our customers produce higher yields at a lower cost.


Our products range from enzymes for animal health to enzymes for food and beverage, pulp and paper, detergents, biofuels, and textiles. For globalization strategy, we are using our strength at home to go abroad. Our products are sold to more than 60 countries, to meet different standards, we strive to keep challenging ourselves, and always looking for better solutions.

Talent attraction

and retention

We encourage a vibrant and friendly atmosphere for our employees, respecting each employee's personality and labour values. We believe when employees feel valued, respected, and inclusive, they focus on being active contributors to the organization’s success. Social responsibility is also valued in our company, we ensure our suppliers and subcontractors comply with labour standards and treat their workers fairly.