Application Trials Report
Chrystal Phytase broiler performance VTR phytases – University of Sydney 427.75 KB
An evaluation of VTR phytase in broiler of wheat-based diets – University of Sydney 531.70 KB
USP Trial Phytase Microtech 5000 – 2016 583.38 KB
Animal Trail of Microtech 5000 from Colombia 2016 1.35 MB
Korea Konkuk University Microtech 5000(Mini-Granular) for Broiler Ration 415.72 KB
VTR Phytase Heat Stability Report 303.37 KB
Efficacy of VTR xylanase in postweaning piglets from D 25 to D 66 of age 150.93 KB
Efficacy of VTR xylanase in laying hens from WK 24 to WK 32 of age 537.98 KB
Evaluation of Mannanase VTR in Broiler 3.57 MB
Broiler Trial of VTR Mannanase in Korea 115.39 KB
Broiler Trial of VTR Protease in Colombia 768.92 KB
Effects of VTNest on Intestinal Health and Growth performance of Luong Phuong Broilers 388.66 KB
Effect of VTYeast S-7001 on Milk Production and Milk Component in Dairy Cows in Australia 456.29 KB
VTYeast S-7001 Full Lactation Trial Report 2.62 MB