Grainzm AA 1.0T Pro

α-amylase Biofuel

Grainzm AA 1.0T is a heat-stable resistant α-amylase. Heat stable resistant α-amylase rapidly breaks the α-1,4-glycosidic bonds in the starch molecule at higher temperatures to produce large amounts of dextrin and small amounts of oligosaccharides.


Addition of heat stable resistant α-amylase can improve the starch conversion rate and reduce the consumption of alcohol and grain. Grainzm AA 1.0T can quickly reduce the viscosity of liquefied mash and improve the operating efficiency of equipment.


Grainzm AA 1.0T has good properties of heat and acid resistance. It is suitable for enterprises producing alcohol from various raw materials including corn and cassava, especially for the heavy mash fermentation of the above raw materials.

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