VTR Biotech in FIC2022 Highlights and Review

Aug 22, 2022 Event

On August 16, 2022, " the 25th Food Ingredients China Exhibition (FIC) " was held in Guangzhou, which was sponsored by the China Food Additives & Ingredients Association (CFAA), and CCPIT Sub-Council of Light Industry. This exhibition created a "bridge" and a "window" to improve communication between enterprises to promote the development of the food industry, as well as to ensure a better life for consumers.

FIC has been successfully held in Shanghai for the previous 24 years, which has now become an international professional brand show in the industry with great influence and cohesiveness. After a major strategic adjustment this year, Guangdong VTR Biotech participated in FIC, representing the company that is going to continuously input investment in the food industry for accelerating the internationalization process. As a national-recognized enterprise technology center, we will adhere to high-quality development, as well as sustainable development.

The scope of exhibits includes five pavilions in total and VTR Biotech’s located in L71, Hall 3.1. With company VI design of color – blue and orange. The layout of different functional areas, the booth reflects the VTR’s characteristic of biotechnology in the details. In the exhibition, the company was widely recognized by the industry from the advanced scientific research technology, industrial expansion, to quality development.


As the leading enterprise in the enzyme preparation industry in China and the largest manufacturing enterprise of enzyme preparation in Asia, VTR showcased the baking series and starch sugar series products, includingPhospholipase、β-amylase (Maltogenic amylase)、Glucose oxidase、Fungal α-amylase、Glucose oxidase、Xylanase、Lipase、Catalase、Compound Glucoamylase、Thermostable α-amylase (Alcohol)、Glucoamylase 、Acid protease、Pullulanase、Thermostable α-amylase、Transglutaminase.

On August 16th, the president of China Food Additives & Ingredients Association Yazheng Du visited the VTR booth and had a deep communication with the president of VTR Shaomei Chen, and the vice president Guohua Feng. This conversation involves the development and the achievements of the company, Mr. Du encouraged VTR to reach a new height!

During the exhibition, tons of people came to the VTR booth to learn more information about VTR products, and check the samples. Our professional sales team warmly welcomed people from all around and gave a comprehensive answers about the products that were showcased in our booth. The food industry is closely related to people’s life quality, moreover, food addiction is an important driving force for scientific and technological innovation in the food industry. Since VTR was established in 1991, we have continuously strengthened our technical reserve and application research. we own 12 core technologies and 171 invention patents. In the field of food, VTR owns synthetic biology technology, multi-scale fermentation optimization technology, compound enzyme collaboration and preparation technology, etc. In the future we will continue to launch food additive products, to provide more choices for the industry.

The “lucky wheel” was set up in the VTR booth, to allow many exhibitors to engage with us. There were hundreds of gifts were sent in three days.

FIC as an international professional brand shows and an high-level activities in the industry, its great quality, and large scale and scope make FIC attractive and outstanding. FIC provides a solid platform between the supply and demand side, and also between domestic and overseas industries. VTR’s new products were unveiled in FIC, to display our scientific research and technological achievements, and demonstrated our further development strategy. In the future, we will continue to give full play to our technical advantage, and talent advantage, constantly accelerating the internationalized process, as well as meeting a higher standard in the food industry!