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Catalase Effect Test: Enzymatic Application For Bleach Cleanup
Jun 13, 2023 Trial Video
VTR catalase enzyme has been intensively applied for the elimination of residual hydrogen peroxide from bleached fabric in textile production. It is an eco-friendly alternative that is mainly applied in the bleach clean-up process to remove hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, thereby improving the bleaching efficiency and reducing the potential for fabric damage. Read more
β-mannanase In Animal Nutrition
Jun 13, 2023 Trial Video
Incorporating β-mannanase into animal diets can be a promising strategy for improving performance and welfare in a sustainable and cost-effective manner for animal production. β-mannanase degrades mannans into oligosaccharides, which act as prebiotics to enhance nutrient utilization, immune function, and overall growth performance of animals. Read more
Biopolishing in textile By Using Neutral Cellulase
Jun 12, 2023 Trial Video
The use of enzymes in the textile production has become an increasingly popular biosolution for overcoming supply chain challenges and enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality textile goods that meet the evolving needs of the market. We have offered GEN SCS®, a biopolishing solution carried out by neutral cellulase for the surface modification primarily during wet processing of fabrics and garments. It removes pills, fibrils and surface fuzz through biocatalytic degradation of the cellulose and improves handle, texture, smoothness and luminosity of the treated textiles. Read more
Compound Protease Enzyme in Animal Feed
May 30, 2023 Trial Video
Protein digestion in poultry is a complicated process and efficient protein utilization is essential for optimizing poultry growth performance, reducing nitrogen in the litter, and optimizing feed costs by allowing lower quality protein alternatives to be used in diets. Our compound protease is a stable enzymatic solution that can be used in a wide range of feedstuffs to improve the digestibility of raw materials. It works efficiently in the whole gastro-intestinal tract as it consists of acid, neutral and alkaline protease, which fits different pH conditions and works optimally in the poultry digestive system. Read more
Bleaching Test: Bio-Bleaching Enzyme for Pulp & Paper
Apr 20, 2023 Trial Video
Bio-bleaching enzyme specifically designed to improve paper & pulp bleaching efficiency and preventing the production of colour-forming groups, such as xylan derivatives. Read more
Drainage Efficiency Test: Biofilter Enzyme for Pulp & Paper
Apr 20, 2023 Trial Video
VTR biofilter enzyme MPzyme-008 has been proven on a laboratory and industrial scale to be an effective and economical enzymatic solution of drainage enhancement and deinking waste paper. MPzyme-008 can save machines energy, reduce manufacturing costs and minimize the environmental impact. Read more
Thermos Stable α-Amylase: VTR Brzyme Pro for Ethanol
Apr 20, 2023 Trial Video
VTR Brzyme Pro can be applied in enzymatic liquefaction and saccharification process of ethanol production. VTR Brzyme Pro is more profitable and sustainable due to its fast liquefaction and saccharification approach and ultimately resulted in higher yields of ethanol production Read more
Bloodstain Removal Test:VTR Protease for Washing
Apr 12, 2023 Trial Video
The application of protease in removing bloodstain is a highly specialized and efficient process. This experiement shows that VTR protease is highly effcient removal of various protein stains and a more effective cleaning formula. Read more
De-pilling Test: VTR Cellulase
Apr 12, 2023 Trial Video
The application of cellulases in removing pilling is a highly specialized and efficient process. This experiement shows that VTR cellulase makes fabrics more vibrant and fresh, and improve the overall appearance quality. Read more
Bread test: VTR Glucose Oxidase
Feb 14, 2023 Trial Video
This experiment shows that our product addition to yeast-leavened systems can promote the formation of a superior polymeric network. Read more
Bun Test:VTR Phospholipase
Jan 09, 2023 Trial Video
This experiment shows that our product addition to yeast-leavened systems helps increase volume and dough strengthening, without damage to bread texture and flavor. Read more