Marketing Business Manager

Industrial Enzymes

Location: Moscow, Russia.

A negotiable, comprehensive, and competitive compensation package.

Job Description

1. Responsible for the development of the Russian market, understand the market dynamics, develop and implement sales strategies.
2. Responsible for the maintenance and service of Russian customers.
3. Responsible for the implementation of the development plan issued by the company, regularly develop market development report and report with the company.
4. Cooperate with the company's leadership to complete the company's brand building, marketing and major marketing activities (such as participation in industry exhibitions, organization of academic salons, etc.).
5. Responsible for the market research of the Russian regional industry and competitor information, mastering the latest animal feedstuff market and trend, understanding the Russian washing, alcohol, starch sugar, meat processing and other industrial enzyme industry related information.
6. Coordinate the marketing promotion and market development of enzyme industrial application products, maintain old customers, develop new customers, and complete the sales tasks.
7. Assist market technologists in developing customized solutions and technical support services for Russian customers.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Food, Fermentation, Biology, Applied Chemistry, preferably with Russian study background in the above majors.
2. Five or more years of sales experience in the industry related to the job responsibilities.
3. Bilingual in Russian, aged 30-48, with experience in the Russian market is preferred.
4. Strong market resilience and enthusiasm.
5. Strong sense of responsibility and enterprise, good cooperation spirit, able to adapt to the Russian region regular business trips.

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