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VTPhos is a neutral, high-temperature resistant phytase developed according to the digestive physiological characteristics of aquatic animals, combined with aquatic feed processing technology, which can effectively decompose phytic acid, release phosphorus phytate, and also eliminate the complexation of phytic acid and improve the utilization rate of protein, starch, trace elements, etc

  • Releases phosphorus, allowing reduction in the dosage of monocalcium phosphate in feeds to cut cost, and improve feed quality through elimination of anti-nutritional effects of phytic acids.
  • Releases chelated protein, amino acids, trace minerals from phytic acids, improving nutrition utilization and growth performance.
  • Reduces phosphorus excretion from aquaculture, resulting to less environmental phosphate pollution and diseases caused.
  • According to researches on the enzymatic properties of VTPhos, it was indicated by the results that, VTPhos bore excellent heat stability, being able to withstand 100-105C pelleting temperature.
  • Being able to function in a wide pH range (pH 4.5-8.0), VTPhos maintains relatively high activity especially under neutral conditions.
  • Trail was conducted under pH 6.5 and 25°C temperature, where was identical to the actual culturing environment. It was indicated by the trail that, VTPhos completely met the demands of aquaculture digestive physiological feature and feed processing system.
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