VTBake S-1010

Transglutaminase Bakery

VTBake S-1010 is a transglutaminase (TGase), replaces chemical additives. TGase catalyzes the formation of intramolecular and intermolecular covalent crosslinks between L-glutamine/glutamic acid and L-lysine, resulting in changes in the molecular structure of proteins, thereby improving their structure and function.

  • The covalent cross-linking produced by TGase improves the freeze-thaw stability of the gluten network structure, increases gluten strength, prevents collapse after high temperature baking and increases product volume.
  • The addition of TGase improves the stability of the gluten and enhances the processing properties of the dough, especially for whole grain breads, which are rich in fibre and prevent the formation of the gluten network structure.
  • Affecting the swelling, softness and ageing resistance of the product.
  • VTBake S-1010 series enzyme is suitable for flour processing and improver industry.
  • VTBake S-1010 improve the quality of flour and the rheological properties of the dough, increase the mechanical mixing resistance of the dough and improve the internal structure and texture of the bread.
  • VTBake S-1010 also increase product yield and reduce production costs.
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