VTBake S-1008

Maltose Amylase Bakery

VTBake S-1008 is a maltose amylase that hydrolyses starch to produce maltose, glucose and small molecule dextrins. VTBake S-1008 hinders the recrystallisation of starch and the entanglement of starch with macromolecular proteins, delaying the recrystallisation of starch granules.

  • VTBake S-1008 can be used to extend the shelf life of baked goods without causing the dough to become sticky and affecting the processing properties of the dough.
  • VTBake S-1008 also significantly improves the water holding capacity of bread, delays the hardness of bread and increases the chewiness of bread.
  • VTBake S-1008 series enzyme is suitable for flour processing and improver industry.
  • VTBake S-1008 prolongs the shelf life of bread. The starch is modified with VTBake S-1008 to maintain the integrity of the molecular structure.
  • Preserving the elasticity of the bread during storage.
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