VTBake S-1005

Phospholipase Bakery

VTBake S-1005 is a phospholipase, breakdown of polar lecithin to lysolecithin. This breakdown product forms a more polar and hydrophilic structure that binds better to water and gluten, forming a stronger gluten network and thus acting as a gluten builder.

  • VTBake S-1005 improves the rheological properties of the flour proteins.
  • Increasing the strength and mixing resistance of the dough.
  • Enhancing the ability of the bread to expand sharply in the oven, resulting in a fine and homogeneous organisation, softness of the core and a better texture.
  • VTBake S-1005 is suitable for flour processing and improver industry.
  • Addition of VTBake S-1005 in flour can improve dough water-retaining,.
  • Reduce dough viscosity and rebound value.
  • Extend the shelf life of the bread, resulting in a good quality dough, and presenting a better tasting finished products.
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