VTBake S-1004

Glucose Oxidase Bakery

VTBake S-1004 is a kind of glucose oxidase. Glucose oxidase can replace the dough improver potassium bromate in the baking industry by oxidising the sulphur-hydrogen bonds to form disulphide bonds in the flour.

  • Addition of glucose oxidase enhances the network structure of the dough and gives the dough good elasticity and resistance to mechanical mixing.
  • Increasing the sinewiness of the dough and prolonging its stabilisation time.


  • VTBake S-1004 is suitable for flour processing and improver industry.
  • Addition of VTBake S-1004 in flour can intensify gluten strength,.
  • Improve dough’s tensile properties.
  • Reduce softening and increases evaluation value, resulting in a good quality dough, and presenting a better tasting finished products.


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