MIL VT LT-1009

Lactase Beverage

MIL VT LT-1009 is a kind of lactase. Lactase catalyzes the glycosidic bond in lactose to produce glucose and galactose, and also transfers galactoside to form functional oligomeric galactose.

  • In the processing and production of dairy products, addition of lactase can hydrolyze lactose into monosaccharides easily absorbed by the human body.
  • Making products with low lactose, thus solving the problem of lactose intolerant people drinking dairy products.
  • MIL VT LT-1009 is suitable for beverage industry. Addition of MIL VT LT-1009 can produce low lactose dairy products with mild hydrolysis conditions and good taste.
  • MIL VT LT-1009 will not destroy a variety of nutrients in dairy products, and can increase the flavor and sweetness of milk, improve taste and the absorption and utilization of mineral elements.
  • Addition of MIL VT LT-1009 can also solve the problem of crystallization when dairy products are frozen and concentrated, thus avoiding the sandy taste of the product, which has an adverse effect on the product.
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