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Prunus cerasus (sour cherry, tart cherry, or dwarf cherry) is a species of Prunus in the subgenus Cerasus (cherries), native to much of Europe, North Africa and West Asia. It is closely related to the sweet cherry (Prunus avium), but has a fruit that is more acidic. Its sour pulp is edible.

Product Specifications
  • Latin name: Cerasus vulgaris Mill.
  • Active ingredient: Anthocyanidins
  • Extraction part: Fruit
  • Extract specification: 0.8% anthocyanidins hplc/uv
  • Extraction type: solvent extraction
  • Extraction solvent: water
  • Appearance: Fine pink powder
  • Packaging: 25kg/drum (D35cm*H51cm) with inner polyethylene bag
  • Country of origin: Mainland China
  • Reduce uric acid, prevent ventilation:tart cherry extract contains a large number of polyphenols, which can effectively reduce the content of uric acid in blood, balance the level of uric acid, crystallize uric acid into small stones, and then excrete it with feces to relieve ventilation symptoms.
  • Relieve arthritis pain: tart cherry powder is a pain relief agent, which can relieve the pain caused by arthritis, and has a great effect on degenerative diseases, preventing senile arthritis pain and rheumatic pain.
  • Prevention and treatment of ischemic anemia:tart cherry extract powder is rich in iron, which has a great effect on human immune cells, protein synthesis and energy metabolism. It can also help promote brain nerve function, promote hemoglobin production, effectively prevent and treat ischemic anemia, and enhance physical fitness.
  • Color and Flavor for Food and Beverage.
  • Pharmaceuticals and health care field.
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