Beta-mannanase Animal Nutrition & Health

QINLEWANG is a kind of beta-mannanase product, specially breaks the beta-1, 4 glycosidic bonds of mannan into mannan-oligosaccharides. It improves the utilization of nutrients in beta-mannan-rich feed ingredients such as soybean meal, palm meal, coconut meal.

  1. Degrade beta-mannan in feed ingredients and unravel the encapsulation of nutrients.
  2. Reduce viscosity of intestinal chyme, enlarge contact surface between chyme and digestive juice.
  3. Improve insulin secretion and IGF-1 formation by eliminating beta-mannan.
  4. Bind mycotoxin and some pathogens by creating mannan-oligosaccharides.
  1. High efficiency with beta-mannan substrates.
  2. High tolerance to pepsin and trypsin and metal ions.
  3. Good activity under body temperature and GIT pH.
  4. Excellent heat and storage stability.
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