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MPzyme-010 is a wood chip pretreatment enzyme. Wood chip pretreatment enzyme is used to wet or soak the fibre material using biological enzymes or composite products. The biological enzymes act on adhesive substances such as pectin in the intercellular layer of fibre cells, making it easy to separate the fibre cells from the cells and reducing electricity consumption in processes such as tearing and pulping of fibre materials.

  • Wood chip pretreatment enzyme has a decomposing effect on the xylan in the fibre material, making gaps in the primary and secondary walls of the cellulose cells.
  • Increasing the number of capillaries to facilitate the penetration of chemicals.
  • Improving the reaction efficiency of other chemical auxiliaries.
  • Reducing the loss of chemicals themselves in creating gaps.
  • Reducing the degree of yellowing of the pulp.
  • Increasing the bond between the wood flour and the fibre.
  • Reducing the hydrophilicity of the fibre and making the fibre evenly dispersed.
  • Improving the water filtration performance of the pulp and improving the quality of the finished paper.
  • Suitable for paper industry.
  • Reduces energy consumption for pulping.
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