modified enzyme Pulp & Paper

MPzyme-009 is a wood flour modified enzyme. In the process of treating wood flour, wood flour modified enzymes will quickly adsorb to the surface of wood fibers in the early stages of enzymatic digestion, causing an enzymatic reaction to the hemicellulose and cellulose in the amorphous zone on the surface, resulting in a stripping effect.

  • Appropriate control of the application conditions of wood flour modified enzyme can make it work only on the fine fibres in the wood fibre and the fine components on the fibre surface, as well as other hydrophilic substances.
  • Increasing the bond between the wood flour and the fibre.
  • Reducing the hydrophilicity of the fibre and making the fibre evenly dispersed.
  • Improving the water filtration performance of the pulp and improving the quality of the finished paper.
  • Suitable for paper industry
  • Increases pulp bulk, reduces fibre usage to lower production costs
  • Reduces steam consumption and relieves visual fatigue
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