Resin-controlled enzyme Pulp & Paper

MPzyme-005 is a kind of resin-controlled enzyme. Resin-controlled enzyme have the ability to hydrolyse triglycerides and sterol esters in resins, making them less viscous after hydrolysis; the fatty acids produced combine with positively charged ions, completing the "fixation" of the fatty acids and allowing them to be carried away with the slurry for the purpose of controlling resin barriers in production.

  • Highly efficient catalysts for ester hydrolysis reactions.
  • Suitable for deinking and resin removal from recovered pulp with a wide pH and temperature range of action.
  • Reduce surface resin and its triglyceride content.
  • Reduce resin deposition on paper machine equipment and the inner walls of pipes.
  • Prolong the life of the equipment, reduce resin deposition on the web and press sections.
  • Reduce holes in the paper web and reduce web breaks.
  • Increase paper machine runnability and copying rates.
  • Improve product quality and reduce product production costs.
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