Deinking enzymes Pulp & Paper

Deinking enzymes are proteins with catalytic functions. Their functions are characterized by high catalytic efficiency and specificity, and they play the role of biocatalysis in the process of waste paper deinking. Deinking enzyme can achieve the comprehensive effect of deinking and eliminating adhesive obstacles.

  • Cut off the cellulose chain of the ink fixed on the fiber, which separates the ink from the fiber.
  • Improve the removal efficiency of ink.
  • Increase the whiteness of pulp.
  • Improve the yield of pulp.
  • Improve the physical characteristics of waste pulp.
  • Act on the surface of ink or fiber, including lipase and esterase, can degrade oil-based ink. Hemicellulase, xylanase, cellulase and lignin-degrading enzyme, etc.,
  • Can change the fiber surface or the connecting bond near the ink ion, so that the ink is separated and removed by washing or flotation.
  • With the cooperation of special functional additives, the ink, adhesive and fiber are fully peeling off, and maintain good dispersion, effectively prevent the agglomeration of ink and adhesive and the secondary pollution of fiber, so as to remove it in the follow-up section.
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