ManaVTR A-L 001

Mannanase Detergent

ManaVTR A-L 001 is a mannanase. Mannanase can hydrolyze polysaccharides, such as galactomannan, into small molecules, thus removing mannan stains on clothes that are difficult to remove by washing.


ManaVTR A-L 001 can hydrolyze mannan stains on fabrics and clean clothes. Mannan residue in washing water can absorb stains and pollute clothes again. ManaVTR A-L 001 has excellent performance in removing stains based on thickener.


Mannanase is widely used in washing industry. Mannanase provide targeted removal of mannan-based stains with excellent detergency and a wide temperature and pH range; excellent stability and compatibility in liquid detergent formulations; reduces stain residue in washing water and improves whiteness.

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