Grainzm P 2L

Compound Enzyme Starch Sweetness

Pullulanase is used in combination with other enzymes (glycosylase, β-amylase, fungal α-amylase). This can speed up the reaction and increase the glucose and maltose content.

  • Breaks down the α-1,6 glycosidic bonds of pulullan, branched-chain starches and corresponding oligosaccharides.
  • It forms straight-chain dextrins and improves the rate and utilization of starch breakdown.
  • Grainzm P 2L is suitable for the starchy sugar industry.
  • Used alone in starch saccharification stage: Improve the decomposition speed and utilization rate of starch.
  • Combined with glycosylase: Reduce the content of oligosaccharides; Improve the yield of glucose and shorten the time of glycosylation.
  • Combined with fungal α-amylase or β-amylase or malt triosaccharide hydrolase: Significantly increase maltose content and meet the production requirements of malt syrup and ultra-high malt syrup.
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