Grainzm FA 3.0T Pro

α-amylase Biofuel

Grainzm FA 3.0T Pro is a kind of fungal α-amylase. Fungal α-amylase hydrolyses the broken starch granules in the flour to produce maltose. Maltose is hydrolysed by the action of maltase secreted by yeast into glucose for use by the yeast, thus providing sufficient sugar sources as nutrients for yeast fermentation.


Addition of fungal α-amylase can improve the fermentability of wort, increase the wine yield, reduce the bacterial contamination in the production of high maltose and reduce the corresponding cost.


Grainzm FA 3.0T Pro is suitable for alcohol production industry. Fungal α-amylase can greatly increase beer yield and stabilize the quality of yellow rice wine (the enzyme activity keeps above 85% at pH 4.0 and above 505% at 30~35℃, which is suitable for yellow rice wine production).

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