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Dandelion extract is derived from the dandelion plant, scientifically known as Taraxacum officinale. It's a common flowering plant found in many parts of the world, known for its bright yellow flowers and distinctive fluffy seed heads.

We have provided more than $30 million in all-natural dandelion extracts to a number of health products and food companies. In 2011, we entered into a long-term strategic partnership with China's largest dandelion raw materials manufacturer, with a base of 100,000 mu of dandelion and organic dandelion cultivation. We work with universities in breeding programs and applied research to continuously improve the quality of dandelion raw materials and to explore and solve potential problems at the application end.

Our completely water-soluble dandelion extracts, free of sediments and flocs, providing an excellent solution for liquid dandelion products such as beverages and drops. In addition, we also developed processes to give dandelion extracts a strong aromatic coffee flavor that produces instant coffee-flavored dandelion beverages.

Product Specifications
  • Latin Name: Taraxacum Mongolicum Hand. Mazz
  • Part used: Root
  • Extract ratio:4:1\5:1\10:1
  • Appearance:Brown-yellow fine powder
  • Packaging: 25kg/drum (D35cm*H51cm) with inner polyethylene bag
  • Country of origin: Mainland China
  • With organic NOP &ECO certificates.
  • With various types to meet different applications and needs: dandelion root, dandelion tea bags, dandelion extract, dandelion instant powder and other product.
  • Enhance human immunity, detoxification and diuresis, and improve liver function.
  • Health Products, dietary supplements
  • Food and beverages, dandelion root tea bags, dandelion root coffee, etc.
  • Cosmetics
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