Cleazyme C-S 002

cellulase Detergent

Cleazyme C-S 002 is a kind of cellulose. The fibers that collect on the surface of the fabric are not conducive to the action of the detergent. Cellulase hydrolyses the β-1,4-glycosidic bonds of cellulose to produce soluble oligofructose.


Cellulase cleaves the damaged microfibres, releasing the dirt particles deposited in them; prevents the re-deposition of dirt and continuously keeps the fabric deeply white; cuts the fibres protruding from the surface of the fabric, allowing lint and hairballs to rub off during the washing process, thus leaving the surface of the cotton fabric new and smooth with vibrant colours.


Cleazyme C-S 002 has a higher enzyme activity than Cleazyme C-L 001. Addition of Cleazyme C-S 002 to detergent can achieve effects such as: penetrating deep into the fabric to remove stubborn stains; removing surface hairballs to make clothes look new; restoring vibrant colours to the fabric, enhancing the layers and contrasts between colours; washing and conditioning in one, giving the product a visible function to the consumer.

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