Brzyme NP

Protease Brewing

Brzyme NP is a neutral protease. Neutral protease can hydrolyze protein into amino acids, polypeptides and free amino acids. Now neutral protease is added to replace endogenous enzymes in malt to hydrolyze starch and protein, so as to save malt, increase the amount of auxiliary materials and reduce the cost.

  • Brzyme NP has obvious effect on barley plant protein.
  • When it is used in beer production, it can eliminate the “turbidity” phenomenon produced by protein and improve the fermentation speed.
  • Brzyme NP can be used in brewing soybean paste, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiment industries.
  • Adding neutral protease can clarify fermentation broth. The growth of yeast in fermentation stage can be promoted by suspending amino acids converted by protein, thus accelerating fermentation and increasing yield.
  • Brzyme NP is suitable for brewing industry. Adding Brzyme NP is helpful to improve the quality and stability of beer.
  • Increase the content of total nitrogen in wort.
  • Reduce the content of high molecular protein, make protein division more reasonable, and effectively improve the abiotic stability of beer.
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