Brzyme LA

Laccase Brewing

Brzyme LA is a kind of laccase. Beer and wine contain polyphenols, which are not conducive to the stability of wine. Laccase is a copper-containing polyphenol oxidase capable of oxidising polyphenols, methoxy-containing substituted phenols, diamines and a number of other

  • Addition of laccase can oxidize polyphenols, prevent wine from turbidity.
  • Improve the sensory quality of wine and prolong the shelf life.
  • Brzyme LA is suitable for brewing industry. Laccase can stabilize beer, improve the color of wine and reduce the characteristic cork astringency of bottled wine.
  • Brzyme LA can oxidize polyphenols and improve the stability of wine and beer.
  • Remove the oxygen at the end of the beer production process and extend the beer storage time.
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