Brzyme BA

amylase Brewing

Brzyme BA is a kind of β-amylase. β-amylase is an exonuclease that replaces barley malt by successively cutting the maltose from the non-reducing end of amylose, which is rarely producing glucose but with limited dextrin production.

  • Addition of β-amylase hydrolyzes starch efficiently and specifically in the way of external cutting to produce high quality maltose.
  • Used by the yeast’s own maltase to produce more fermentable sugars.
  • Speed up the rate of fermentation and increasing alcohol yield.
  • Brzyme BA is suitable for brewing industry.
  • Brzyme BA can hydrolyze starch efficiently.
  • Accelerate the fermentation speed.
  • Promote the alcohol yield.
  • Provide more fermentable sugars,  makes it easy for yeast to produce alcohol by fermentation in the production of brewing.
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