Bevezyme GA-1005

Glucoamylase Beverage

For the production of clarified juices from plant materials containing high starch content, the soluble sugar content of the juice can be increased by adding glucoamylase. This prevents starch particles from binding to each other to form precipitates and improves the clarity of the juice.

  • Glycosylase is also known as glycosylated amylase or glucoamylase.
  • Glycosylase is added together with α-amylase to further convert starch from plant materials into glucose and soluble small molecules of sugar.
  • Prevents starch grains from forming precipitates with each other and improves the transparency of the juice.
  • Bevezyme GA-1005 acts as a synergistic enzyme for α-amylase.
  • It hydrolyze the straight-chain starch in plant materials to produce glucose and maltose.
  • By adding α-amylase, it increases the soluble sugar content of fruit juices, prevents starch granules from combining with each other to form precipitates, and improves the clarity of fruit juices.
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