Bevezyme A-1002

Amylase Beverage

For the production of clarified juices from plant materials containing high starch content, the soluble sugar content of the juice can be increased by adding α-amylase. This prevents starch particles from binding to each other to form precipitates and improves the clarity of the juice.

  • α-Amylase hydrolyzes the starch of plant material to produce glucose, maltose and oligosaccharides.
  • α-Amylase works together with glycosylase to further convert to glucose and soluble small molecule sugars.
  • Avoiding starch grains from forming precipitates with each other and improving the clarity of juice.
  • Bevezyme A-1002 hydrolyzes straight-chain starch from plant materials to yield glucose, maltose and dextrin.
  • Hydrolyzes branched-chain starch to produce glucose, maltose and isomaltose.
  • Increase the soluble sugar content of fruit juice.
  • Avoid starch particles from combining with each other to form precipitation, and improve the clarity of fruit juice.
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