Bevezyme A-1001

Cellulase Beverage

Cellulases catalyze the hydrolysis of cellulose in plant cell walls, resulting in different degrees of cell wall alterations, such as softening, swelling and collapse, thereby increasing the secretion and extraction of cellular inclusions.

  • Cellulase can hydrolyze the β-1,4-glycosidic bond of cellulose, which breaks down cellulose into cellobiose and glucose.
  • In beverage processing, the addition of cellulase can improve the stability of fruit juices and facilitate the centrifugation of fruit drinks. It can also reduce their viscosity quickly.
  • Bevezyme A-1001 is suitable for the beverage process industry.
  • In fruit and vegetable juicing or pollen drinks, the addition of cellulase increases the juice yield by about 10%.
  • This reduces the pressing pressure, promotes juice extraction and clarification, and makes the juice transparent and non-sedimentary.
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