VTR Biotech Attends the 2023 Poultry Science Association Annual Conference in Philadelphia, USA

Aug 04, 2023 Event

VTR Biotech participated in the 2023 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from the 10th to 13th of July. The PSA Annual Meeting is a highly prestigious event that brings together poultry scientists, researchers, industry professionals, and academia from around the world, to discuss the latest advancements in poultry industry.

As a platinum sponsor, we have showcased our innovative range of poultry products and solution and gain insights into the latest research, scientific breakthroughs, and emerging trends in poultry science through attending presentations, workshops, and discussions.

It has been an insightful four days to engage in meaningful conversations with attendees, and provided in-depth demonstrations of our products and technologies. The positive feedback received affirmed the high-quality and relevance of our offerings.

VTR Biotech 2023 PSA Welcome Dinner

Our team actively participated in networking events, receptions, and informal gatherings. These interactions allowed us to connect with industry leaders, researchers, and potential collaborators. We shared ideas and explored opportunities for future collaborations, including joint research projects and distribution partnerships.

Dr. Juan Antonio Javierre and Dr. Eduardo Lima, our esteemed animal nutrition scientist,  delivered captivating presentations about “Innovative Approaches to Poultry Nutrition for Optimal Performance.” The session explored novel strategies for optimizing feed formulations and nutritional management to enhance poultry health and productivity.

The 2023 PSA Annual Meeting provided us with a comprehensive overview of current and emerging trends in poultry science, including advances in genetics, nutrition, disease control, and animal welfare. We have gained valuable insights into consumer demands, sustainability practices, and regulatory considerations in the poultry industry. In the future, we will actively pursue research collaborations, incorporate customer feedback into our product development processes, and leverage the latest industry trends to enhance our offerings.