General Manager

and Marketing Director

Location: Germany

A negotiable, comprehensive, and competitive compensation package.

Job Description

1. Responsible for the company's strategic positioning, market planning and day-to-day operational management, and undertake the company's business performance assessment indicators.
2. Responsible for the publicity and promotion of company brand in the European market, leading the company's major marketing activities (such as participating in industry exhibitions, organizing academic salons, etc.).
3. Responsible for marketing and promotion of the company's products (animal feed additives), market development, maintenance of old customers, development of new customers, to complete the sales task indicators.
4. Responsible for the European regional industry and competitive market research, grasp the latest animal feed, animal nutrition, animal breeding industry trends and development trends, regular travel to other European countries.

Job Requirements

1. Proficient in English, with additional knowledge of one of the German, Spanish or Slavic languages, aged 30-50, with many years of experience of living and working in Europe.
2. Strong enterprise management, brand promotion, market development, team management ability, more than five years of European market animal feed or aquaculture industry product sales, marketing work experience, rich customer resources is preferred.
3. Strong sense of responsibility and commitment, good cooperation spirit, integrity, good training, and the ability to adapt to frequent business trips in the European region.
4. University or postgraduate degree in animal science, animal nutrition, animal husbandry, biotechnology, food science, marketing and other related fields.

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