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Bakery enzymes are natural proteins that are used in the baking industry to modify and improve the characteristics of dough and the final baked products. Our bakery enzymes are biological catalysts derived from microorganisms and play a vital role in modern baking practices, allowing bakers to achieve consistent quality, improved dough characteristics, and desirable texture in a wide range of baked goods.

Our bakery enzymes are added to the baking process in controlled amounts and conditions, aiding in dough development, fermentation, texture enhancement, and overall quality improvement of various baked goods like bread, cakes, pastries, and dairy products. They are considered safe for consumption as they are typically inactivated or denatured during the baking process and do not pose a risk to consumers.

Enzyme Solutions for Production Challenges

VTR Biotech offers an expansive portfolio of solutions to tackle the ever-evolving challenges faced by today's bakery industry. Our VTRBake S series provide unparalleled results in different bakery products to enhance quality and efficiency. With superior functionalities and precise formulations, our food enzymes empower bakers and manufacturers to achieve exceptional consistency, superior texture, prolong shelf life, and heightened nutritional value in baked goods.

Softer, Fluffier, Shelf-Stable Dough

Controlled enzymatic action can modify the flour structure and dough’s water absorption capacity, leading to better elasticity, retain more moisture and improved dough handling properties. This can result in more pliable and hydrated dough, which contributes to a softer, fluffier texture in your final baked product.

Increased Bread Volume and Texture

Our bakery enzymes break down starch into fermentable sugars and modify the properties of fats present in the dough, increasing the availability of nutrients for yeast activity. They can improve the emulsification of fats, which helps in better gas retention during fermentation. This leads to increased volume and a lighter, fluffier texture in the finished baked goods.

Consistency in Quality

Flour composition can vary due to factors such as wheat variety, growing conditions, and milling processes. VTBake S Series optimize the performance of wheat flours in various baked goods and offer a reliable method to consistently achieve desired dough characteristics across batches by modifying flour and starch structures, thereby enhancing dough handling properties for uniform mixing, fermentation, and proofing.

Reduced Processing Time

Baking enzymes accelerate gluten development and starch degradation, leading to quicker dough maturation, allowing bakers to achieve the desired dough consistency in a shorter period. Bakery enzymes also can improve the machinability of dough by enhancing its extensibility and elasticity, making it easier to process the dough through machinery like dividers, rounders, and moulders, consequently decreasing processing time.

Clean Label Solutions

VTBake S Series offer clean label solutions as they are considered natural food processing aid. These enzymes perform similar functions to traditional additives without compromising on quality and can replace emulsifiers, oxidizing agents, and preservatives, reducing the necessity for artificial additives.

Shelf Life Extension

VTBake S Series help enhance the shelf life of baked goods by delaying staling, preserving texture and moisture, reducing rancidity, inhibiting microbial growth, and maintaining consistent quality over time. Their ability to extend shelf life allows for reduced waste and provides consumers with fresher products for longer duration.

Cost Efficiency

Our enzyme products optimize various stages of production. With faster fermentation, improved handling properties, and consistent performance, the overall baking process becomes more streamlined, reducing production time, energy consumption, and labor costs by shortening baking cycles.

Let Your Bakery Products Stand Out with Our Solutions

Enzyme application in the baking industry has redefined the boundaries of what is achievable.

Our baking enzyme enables you to create products that boast exceptional taste, improved crumb structure, and prolonged freshness. Whether it's enhancing the crumb softness of bread, optimizing dough handling, or fortifying the nutritional profile of your pastries, our tailored food enzyme solutions cater to your specific needs and requirements.

Embrace innovation and differentiation in the competitive food landscape by partnering with us to unleash the full potential of your recipes, captivating customers with bakery delights that stand out for superior quality and delightful taste.

Our Customized Enzyme Solutions

We offer customized food enzyme blends that align with specific recipes and production processes. Our solutions help you to push the boundaries of creativity and quality.

Technical Support

Our technical support team provides comprehensive guidance and assistance to bakeries seeking to optimize production, improve product quality, and enhance overall efficiency. Our in-house expertise with customer-centric approaches ensure that our technical support aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and quickly adapt to evolving market demands.

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Our services are underpinned by a robust foundation of cutting-edge research and development capabilities within our own laboratories. Through rigorous experimentation, analysis, and innovation within our world-class facilities, we continually refine and create enzyme formulations that precisely cater to the unique challenges faced by the baking industry.

At VTR Biotech, we stand as more than just an enzyme manufacturer, we are your dependable partner committed to empowering your success through our innovative solutions and collaborative approach.