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As with many elements of the agriculture industry, animal feed additives are at the center of an ongoing conversation. To fully understand the role feed additives can play in the increased efficiency of animal production, it is first necessary to understand how they originally became an accepted factor in animal nutrition and health.

At VTR Biotech, we are driven by a vision of transforming animal nutrition and health through innovation, reliability, and a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality enzyme products that revolutionize the way animal feed is processed and utilized. We offer a range of advanced biotechnological products and solutions in poultry and livestock to address specific challenges faced by animal farming and meet the evolving demands of modern animal agriculture.

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Feed Enzymes in Animal Diets

Animal feed enzymes are natural proteins that play a crucial role in improving the digestion and absorption of nutrients in animal diets. Feed enzymes act as biological catalysts, breaking down complex compounds present in feed ingredients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to enhance the availability of essential nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, and energy for animals.

Our feed enzymes are naturally sourced from microorganisms and plants and can be added to animal feed to enhance the animals' ability to digest and utilize nutrients more efficiently. Feed enzymes help animals derive more nutritional value from their feed, leading to better growth, improved feed efficiency, and overall health.

A Guide to Improved Animal Health and Growth

Feed enzymes act as catalysts to accelerate biochemical reactions in the digestive system of animals. Enzyme supplementation in animal feed is a common practice in the livestock industry to break down complex components present in feed ingredients to optimize nutrient availability, particularly in situations where animals are fed diets containing a high proportion of plant-based materials that might be challenging for the animals to digest efficiently on their own.

Our Enzymes Solutions
Our Enzymes Solutions For Animal Feed

We put the future in focus through transformative innovations and cutting-edge biosolutions to revolutionize the way animal feed is processed and utilized for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Glucose Oxidase

Our glucose oxidase possesses antimicrobial properties and the ability to convert glucose into gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The generated hydrogen peroxide can help control the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of animals, contributing to improved gut health and reducing the risk of infections.


Monogastric animals, like swine and poultry, lack the necessary NSP enzyme to digest cellulose effectively. By supplementing diets with our cellulase, it helps in the breakdown of cellulosic materials from fibrous feed ingredients like hay, straw, and plant matter, making the nutrients within these materials more accessible for digestion and absorption.

Benefits of Incorporating Feed Enzymes in Animal Diets

Improve Digestibility

Our animal feed enzymes facilitate the breakdown of complex substance into simpler forms that the animal's digestive system can efficiently absorb, including those containing anti-nutritional factors that can interfere with nutrient digestion. Feed enzymes supplement the endogenous enzymes naturally present in the digestive systems of animals, further enhancing the digestibility of nutrients and enabling animals to intake a greater amount of essential nutrients from their feed.

Enhance Nutrient Utilization

Once complex nutrients are broken down into simpler forms, they become more accessible for absorption in the animal's gut. This leads to better utilization of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Better Gut Health

Our feed enzymes can contribute to a healthier gut environment by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. They optimize the digestive process, reducing stress on the gastrointestinal tract, and helps in preventing overloading or strain on the system, which can contribute to the development of digestive disorders.

Reduce Incidence of Digestive Disorders

Enzymes help in breaking down substances that might otherwise cause digestive disorders or hinder nutrient absorption. By reducing the presence of these anti-nutritional factors, feed enzymes contribute to a healthier digestive system, minimizing the risk of conditions like diarrhea, bloating, or malabsorption.

Support for Immune Function

During stressful periods like weaning, transportation, or environmental changes, animals may experience compromised immune function. Improved digestion through feed enzymes helps alleviate stress on the digestive system, supporting the immune system by allowing the animal to allocate resources towards immune responses rather than digestion.

Overall Health Promotion

When animals receive better nutrition due to improved digestion, their overall growth performance tends to improve. A healthier animal is better equipped to handle disease challenges and can mount more effective immune responses.

Improved Feed Efficiency

Enhanced digestibility and improved nutrient utilization translate into increased feed efficiency. Animals can convert feed into body mass more efficiently, leading to better growth rates, improved weight gain, and overall performance.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The use of feed enzymes aligns with eco-friendly farming practices by promoting efficient resource utilization, reducing waste, and mitigating environmental impacts associated with livestock farming.

Potential Cost Savings

Improved animal performance due to better feed utilization can increase farm productivity and profitability, which in turn supports the long-term sustainability of your agricultural operations.

A Vital Feed Additive for Healthier, Stronger Animals

Adaptability to Varied Diets

Our feed enzymes allow animals to adapt to changes in their diets or to different feed sources. This adaptability is beneficial when transitioning animals from one stage of growth to another or when altering feed compositions, minimizing digestive disturbances, maintaining optimal digestion and consistent nutrient intake.

Our exogenous enzyme solutions are carefully formulated to withstand the conditions in the animal's digestive tract and effectively complement the digestive processes, maximizing nutrient extraction from the feed.

Tailored Solutions Specifically Designed to Meet Your Animal Production

At VTR Biotech, extensive research and development efforts have culminated in a range of high-quality feed enzyme solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the livestock and poultry industries. These enzymes are specifically engineered to improve feed efficiency, maximize nutrient utilization, and promote digestive health in animals, ultimately contributes to improve animal growth rates, enhance feed production efficiency, and healthier livestock.

Specific enzyme combinations can be tailored to suit the nutritional composition of different diets for a range of animal species. Our team will assist you in adjusting enzyme types or dosages based on the specific characteristics of the feed, helping make your animal production more sustainable and efficient.

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